Tashi Taten Art


Art Classes

In my Art classes, we learnt everything from the basics to more advanced techniques. 

The classes were designed to go at a pace to suit the beginner or intermediate students.

They were given in the creative atmosphere at Le Studio Art Space in Mordialloc. 

Acrylics art class at Le Studio


Murals and large murals on canvas can have amazing effects in a room.

Over the years I have worked on a number of murals including the mural a Le Studio Art space, which I completed with Anies Suzukawa. Let me know what you think!

Whether you are decorating an office, waiting room or your own home, Murals can create the atmosphere and illusion of space that you want. I don’t often do these pieces, as they’re many weeks of work, but feel welcome to make an enquiry if you have a project in mind.

Studio room at gallery


I have a constantly evolving collection of art works, both past and present, displayed in the Gallery section of this website. I try to include all previous and current work here.

Some are currently for sale, and I also include works that have been sold. If you have a project in mind, I also consider commissions.

Some of my most current works are also displayed at Le Studio Art Space and some are in private collections.

We also have open studios at times. Our exhibitions and open studios are great social occasions with music, great food and dancing, and you get to meet a great range of artists.

Art Therapy

In our fast-paced modern society, most of us function while largely ignoring how we feel. Our thoughts continue on their repetitive loops, all the time influencing our behaviours.

Allowing for some space to explore our inner worlds can open us up to more creativity, and the ability come up with new responses to life.

There are a number of approaches we take in Art Therapy, which can be both enjoyable and therapeutic.